Automatic Textile Cone Sizing Machine Two Tank Seven Units

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Seven unit sizing machine is applied high-density fabric sizing process.

The sizing machine is developed on the basis of German zuk sizing machine and combined with domestic advanced sizing technology, the equipment of high-grade varieties have better adaptability. This product fully adopt PLC industrial control computer plus pneumatic operation system as the core of the electromechanical integration control technology, the entire process of online detection and control, frequency control of motor speed drive system for each unit, it is applicable to starch slurry, chemical pulp ice and mixed pulp of 5-100s all kinds of pure cotton, blended yarn and fine count high density fabric warp sizing, can be used with various kinds of imported and domestic loom. 

II、each unit main structure features

(I)beam shaft

● suit for beam amount:20pcs(according to customer’s requirement)

● beam shaft max beam diameter:1000mm

● warp yarn width:2200mm

●steel frame structure:8rows,double layers,fixed type

● corridor pedal install with guide roller diaφ100mm,covered with stainless steel

● Provide installed on both ends of the beam bearing 32pcs, the bearing is installed on the adjustable brackets, by hand wheel and screw thread can be fine for both sides bearing adjustment (or from positioning supporting feet).

● On the right side of the pedestal respectively equipped with pneumatic brake device and the braking device is suitable for 250 mm diameter of the brake disc, which include the brake cylinder, brake belt, the brake lever can preset braking force of, pneumatic pipeline connected unwinding tension controller.

● On two sizing tank back respectively installed a set of unwinding tension measuring device and measure the warp unwinding tension, measuring range: 0-3000N

● Measurement system is a fixed guide roller, on the end of the guide roller is equipped with tension sensor, through the tension sensor to directly measure the tension of yarn, measured by tension transducer signal processing after send to PLC comparing with set point, again by the PLC according to the comparison results through electric proportional valve to direct unwinding brake pressure control, thus ensures the constant tension of has nothing to do with the beam diameter change unwinding effect. The device can be manual control, in order to simulate the state of unwinding, set data to obtain the best unwinding. Pneumatic braking pressure range  0-0.6 MPa 

(II)sizing tank

● two sizing tanks, each sizing tank sizing type two immerse and two press, main press sizing roller max force is 40KN

● sizing tank use steel structure, two side cover for steel and stainless steel shell structure, the transmission, control, and set the access door pneumatic device, and in the control panel mounted on the side door plank, the use of special mechanical structure, make the cover on both sides of the sizing tank shell can directly for loading and unloading. 

● sizing tank use sandwich structure and have main sizing tank and auxiliary sizing tank, inner and outer layer is stainless steel structure, auxiliary sizing tank equipped with liquid level controller, by the pneumatic ball valve can automatically add new pulp to assist in the sizing tank .main sizing tank is equipped with liquid level control device, presetting the slurry tank liquid level height

● Two immersed roller driven with two 0.55 KM motor through reducer, and is equipped with upper and lower limit proximity switch. 

● two sets main press sizing all use pneumatic pressure structure.

● Easy loading and unloading, the sizing liquid circulation line are all made of stainless steel by 1.1 KM driven motor slowdown later sizing pump maintenance is very simple. 

● main and auxiliary sizing tank all equipped with stainless steel scales in direct heating tube.

● All steam pipe line and sizing liquid pipe have been installed beforehand.

● By PLC central temperature controller for sizing tank temperature display and control, the control range 0-100 ℃, heating by steam pipeline valve control. 

● Doffing device configuration: a doffing roller 210 mm diameter, 70 ° shore hardness rubber coated, a 100 mm diameter of yarn guide roller pressure, pneumatic, a tension guide roller diameter 100 mm, the second root is to turn into the sizing tank submerged roller guide roller, three diameter100 mm for chrome roller guide roller.

● press sizing device configuration: two submerged roller, diameter 180 mm, stainless steel roll cladding. A sizing roller, diameter 238 mm, outsourcing stainless steel, a grouting roller, 210 mm diameter, 70 ° coated shore hardness rubber, used for first pressure. another sizing roller, 238mm diameter, outsourcing stainless steel, a grouting roller, diameter 210 mm, 70 °shore hardness rubber, used for main pressure, the force controlled by  PLC automatically, with a set of 0 to 40 kn grouting force control device. Able to set the main pressure small linear follow the speed of the machine.

● each sizing tank all driven by two AC inverter motor, one for guide yarn roller drive, one for sizing roller drive。

● After the bottom of the sizing tank has warp yarn channels, equipped with a guide roller, a pedal operation.

● Each sizing tank has a stainless steel wet dividing rod, branch drive  

(III)drying device

●Have flat structure

●The drying unit consists of 12pcs 800 mm diameter drying cylinder, there are nine exterior coating teflon, divided into three separate components, steel structure, steel plate side part. 

●Divided into five groups of heating and temperature automatic control, each group steam piping respectively have a diaphragm valve, each group of the first cylinder is equipped with a set of PT100 temperature sensor in the stainless steel tube, respectively sampled signal to the corresponding temperature control module, respectively by signal converter to control the corresponding film valve switch state 

●Drying cylinder is provided by professional manufacturers, the material and the overall manufacturing has the official certificate. 

●use Siphon to drain the condensate water inside the drying cylinder through the trap into the sewer. 

●supply steam pipe from steam diaphragm valve to cylinder (including the return water pipe and stainless steel metal hose), steam diaphragm valve outside the line is not in the scope of supply. 

●Drying cylinder is equipped with rolling bearings, oil bath lubrication. 

●Drying cylinder separately driven by AC frequency conversion motor, through the reducer reduce speed and then by chain transmission, pneumatic tension device to control the tension between the chain wheel.  

●inside chamber all turn guide roller surface has a teflon coating. 

●after chamber has a diameter 150 mm tension roller, one end is equipped with tension sensor, to measure the yarn tension and control the lease.  

●Provide steam valve cover with hydrofuge fan, fan outside hydrofuge t pipe users provide themselves. 

(IV)waxing device

With Waxing device, waxing roller diameter100 mm, hard chrome plated surface, wax by a 150 mm diameter thread guide roller through the reducer and chain transmission waxing roller, makes the waxing the surface of the roller speed and the yarn maintain a fixed proportion relations. Pre soluble bucket and wax are equipped with stainless steel steam pipe, groove used for indirect heating. 

(V)machine head


max beam diameter(mm): 1000mm  

min beam diameter(mm):φ110mm

drive data:

● machine speed:1-100m/min

● traction roller motor:15KW

● beam shaft drive motor:30KW

● winding tension:0-7000N(Stepless setting, automatic follow)

●lease area tension:0-6000N(Stepless setting, automatic follow)

●The side yarn pressure:300-6000N

●The whole machine whole steel structure, all around has cover, every button and man-machine interface of operating equipment set up in central and side of the equipment. 

●electric mobile tanks, pneumatic, automatic registration, has nothing to do with the driving shaft size 

●side yarn device pneumatic pressure, provides three pairs of lateral pressure roller. ( according to the width of  user’s beam width)

● 30KW Motor through the gear box to slow down through the drive shaft sprocket chain transmission driving shaft, after computer through at the end of the tension roller tension sensor feedback to control and adjust the winding tension automatic follow, and has nothing to do with the weaving shaft diameter changes. 

● 15KW motor through reducer reduce speed and through the chain transmission traction roller. Initial speed can be set through the man-machine interface and maintain, can automatically return to the production speed, when the machine is switched on in the process of practical production, can be adjusted according to actual production situation, or through the speed button to adjust. 

● Equipped with three roller type moisture detection and automatic control function, according to the drying ability and automatically adjust the warp speed automatic control mode. And display the wet/normal/dry three states, the user can choose manual mode or automatic mode according to the actual condition

● traction device with traction roller, diameter 260 mm, 70 ° shore hardness rubber, a measuring roller, 155 mm  diameter, pneumatic up and down, one end is equipped with rotary encoder, used to measure the length of warp, speed and elongation. A tension roller pressure, diameter 155 mm, pneumatic up and down, one end is equipped with axis table tension sensor, the normal work and fall on the shaft has been pressure on the drag roller, ensures the traction roller with measuring roller's ability to grip the yarn. A guide roller, 155 mm diameter, all guide roller for chrome plated mirror roller.

● extend-retract move left and right, all driven by a separate motor. In normal work, overall vertical reed reciprocating movement up and down. In the reed mobile limit position have travel switch. 

● extend-retract reed 25 teeth and 31 teeth reed wire each one set, to suit 

For different kinds of yarn

● with machine have one big lease rod, middle lease rod 15pcs,small lease rod 16pcs

● machine main bearing use Japan NSK

(VI)Electric and pneumatic

Working voltage:380V±5%  three phase

Frequency :50/60  HZ

Machine capacity:90KW(not include power consumption of the auxiliary facilities)

Electronic cabinet have main switch, safety protection device, the control voltage transformer, relay and terminal, frequency converter, etc., used to connect the motor and control part